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Regie Gibson at 2018 Massachusetts Poetry Festival

BEI Emeritus Fellow Regie Gibson will be joined by Massachusetts’ best poets at this year’s festival in Salem, MA.  Here’s where you can find Gibson over the weekend:

Friday, May 4 at 1:15pm Poetry of Place: Boston  
Hawthorne Hotel, Library Room 18 Washington Square W
Boston’s distinctive narrative and always-present past, its cityscape of buildings with architectural overlays of centuries, its varied neighborhoods, its magnificent green spaces, authored by Olmsted, and its iconic institutions have invited and inspired poetic works through the centuries. Explore how environments shapes humans with a rich collection of presenters.

Saturday, May 5 at 11:00am Performers and Professors Panel
Hawthorne Hotel, Skylark Room 18 Washington Square W
With 854 creative writing programs in the US and hundreds of performance competitions many poets come to writing from listening to others while many of them come to poetry via academic study. But few come to poetry via both pathways. Expect tangled discussion.

PEM Morse Auditorium 161 Essex St
The Shakespeare Time-Traveling Speakeasy is a musical and literary concert focusing on the background, mysteries, works and impact of William Shakespeare. The Speakeasy uses American musical forms (blues, jazz, hiphop, country, etc…) as backdrop for stories, poems, songs and humor relating to “the Cat from Strat” (Stratford upon Avon, that is).