The Black Earth Institute is proud to offer various internship opportunities throughout the year. The number and types of internship positions available will vary depending upon the season and the needs of the BEI. All internships will involve links with the work and artists of BEI. Summer internships are offered each year and others may arise and inquiries are welcome at .

Internship opportunities are listed below:

Administrative Intern

We seek an administrative intern to facilitate the work of BEI and its fellows and scholars. About the position:

  • 20 hours / week; at least half that time must be spent on-site.
  • Intern must have reliable transportation to the Black Earth area.
  • Intern must commit to working for at least two months.
  • Pay will be based on experience OR college credit may be awarded, but this arrangement must be made beforehand with the intern’s university
  • Intern must be keen to discuss the issues facing both society and the earth and the role that art and spirit play in addressing these.


  • Monitor social media, Google Alerts, and other web platforms for content to share on BEI’s website and Facebook page.
  • Assist the managing editor of About Place Journal with promotion and administrative tasks.
  • Act as a liaison between members of the organization via email and conference calls.
  • Take detailed notes and provide written summaries of meetings, events, and activities.
  • Assist in organizing meetings and events and creating promotional materials.
  • Collect mail from PO Box.
  • Correspond with donors; assist with and track funding campaigns. Deposit checks.
  • Assist in expanding a nonprofit organization through grants, awards, and promotion.


  • Appreciation for art, literature, the earth, social justice, and/or nonprofit groups
  • Strong typing and computer knowledge (including Microsoft Office, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, MailChimp, Submittable, and basic layout design).
  • Excellent communication and writing skills with the ability to take direction.
  • Organized file keeping and attention to detail.

General Requirements & Responsibilities
The requirements and responsibilities for each internship  will vary. Our annual summer internships are described on the next tab titled “Summer Internship.” Internships will have a mix of BEI and some land related tasks. Interns must have an open-mind and be willing to have very thoughtful and growth enticing conversations about the role of art; how spirit, earth, and social justice are linked and our responsibilities to the land and our food.  Basic social media skills are usually required and ability to do physical tasks are desired.

Some internships involve living on site at Brigit Rest out in the hills near Black Earth and thus provide room and board. Inquire about possibilities to exchange room and board for work.

Selection of Interns
Responsiveness to the description of a specific internship in an application will be a key element in selections. Applications and all communications will go to unless otherwise instructed. Some descriptions of a position will indicate a deadline for the receipt of applications

If an application is considered responsive and promising the applicant shall be contacted within two weeks for an interview.  The interview shall cover questions both the applicant and the BEI representative have. If the positions involves living at Brigit Rest the discussions  will include scheduling arrival times, duration of the time to stay and any anticipated vacations or other time away.

Depending on the number of applicants for a position, once interviews are done a position will be offered. Once offered a decision to accept or not is expected within 10 days.