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Tom Montgomery Fate’s Review Discusses Faith and Climate Change

In today’s issue of Chicago Tribune, BEI Emeritus Fellow, Tom Montgomery Fate, reviews Climate Church, Climate World (Rowman & Littlefield) by Jim Antal.

Beyond the threats that face our planet, Reverend Antal’s book focuses on the current lack of human response to stopping climate change and the social injustices it exacerbates. He contends that this is the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced.  However, as Fate points out, the author’s message is one of hope; as is apparent in the book’s subtitle: How People of Faith Must Work for Change.  He writes,

“Clearly, Antal’s purpose in writing is not simply to educate but to inspire readers’ hearts, heads and hands to “repurpose” the church, and reimagine its moral calling.”

Read the full review here