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The Age of Zoom, a villanelle written after a Zoom family reunion

by Elizabeth Cunningham


now we are entering the age of Zoom

keeping our distance, we come face to face

and lighten our sense of impending doom


many locations, we’re all in one room

though we miss the times when we could embrace

for now, we’re welcoming the age of Zoom


outside birds nest, trees bud, and flowers bloom

humans on pause, we must slacken our pace

and lighten our sense of impending doom


to cover fear we tend to fret and fume

who’s hoarding toilet paper by the case?

and no! not another meeting on Zoom


what relief to sweep the floor with a broom

some things technology cannot replace

simple tasks can relieve the sense of doom


though each day more dire headlines loom

necessity and pressure may yield grace

we can laugh and commiserate on Zoom

and lighten our sense of impending doom

Elizabeth Cunningham is best known as the author of The Maeve Chronicles, a series of award-winning novels featuring a feisty Celtic Magdalen. She lives in New York State’s Hudson Valley.