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Spotlight on Jaqueline Johnson

BEI Fellow Jaqueline Johnson’s work uses creatively interweaving art forms; frequently, she turns to quilts and poetry to express emotions regarding current events and social injustices. Currently, she is creating a collection and curating an exhibit which explores in depth the modern relationship of the Black community with police forces, specifically the over-policing and profiling of individuals of color. It will feature quilts and a poetry chapbook. Rooted in both historical context and personal experience, Johnson’s work will incorporate images of a shooting gallery intended to draw emotion, awareness, and influence action. 

Currently, Johnson’s work is on display in the “Yours for Race and Country: Reflections on the Life of Col. Charles Young,” at the National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center at Wilberforce until August 17th. This exhibit celebrates the life of Charles Young, who was the first black man to achieve the title of colonel in the US Army, as well as having the distinction of being the first black national park superintendent. More information is available here:, her quilt “We Can Gather In a Circle” is featured in the exhibition catalogue “Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium:  Quilting the World’s Conscience”, which celebrates the United Human Rights Declaration.