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Sing Back, Land Back, Run for Office, Vote –

By Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

Imagine lush, verdant, spaces. Shimmering unblemished waters; contaminate clear, immediate. Any places still miraculously void of pre-European invasion mutilation, pre-Euro occupation kinship places for Original Peoples, returned to be curated, cared for, and guarded by their kin. Imagine holding air in breath unscathed by the morbid toxins penetrating sky, sea, ground. Imagine seeing, sensing, breathing sans mortal blows made deadly for hundreds of years of Earth’s assailants.

In an inkling of plausible, forgettable impact, sheer promise is yet possible. In ceremony the singing back brings this true.

People were massacred for this truth.

Here, as well, collective, global management, climate agreements, accords, and land back to original kinship belonging holds the particular possibility of return to an earth, plentiful, remarkable, balanced and whole.

Truly, the regime, the State, dreams nothing but empire. How Aristotelian. How vile. State first, individual second. Use the public, the people. Forget the planet, the mother. Forget the sky, the river, the sea. Resource until there is nothing left, for the State, the State, the Me. Absorb, assimilate, annihilate until all without same purpose, dead.

Here, the exposure of the ugly head reared so grand, so narcissistic, so clueless in character, so fear-mongering, hate-mongering, so utterly divisive, and so far removed from the exceptional reality of holding the planet and people together to promote wellness, food, clothing, housing, coexistence, peace for the world we lean upon, the outrageous acts, once façade draped, revealed.

It’s simple.

Whatever dreadful depravity caused colonial lunacy, ignites megalomania, has manifested decidedly before us again today. Though it truly never departed and exists in each footstep ever traversed, it has been placed, situated, installed, erected to embark on destruction of all protections placed in the wake of tumultuous oppressions, drillings, blastings, poisonings. To those preserving what biomes –plant, animal, mineral – have become rare from intentional extinctions, impeding natural migrations, from resourcing and intentionally placed invasive species, detrimental forces and actions.

In the wake of destruction, machination, fashioned by the Me madness, in the beast rising as Colons, as Cortés, as Pizzaros, DeSotos, as de Urzúa y Arizmendis, Cooks, Francos, Doles, Karimovs, Videlas, and yes, thoroughly as the Washingtons, Jacksons, Sheridans, the current Stateheads, and any number of leaders massacring, removing and vanishing kinship and public populations to have their way clear to destroy what existed simply for the satisfaction of the I wants.

Here the State fabricates, steely device to produce masses who will implement the design, fulfill missions by any reckless issue reared with nonsensical narratives intentionally constructed from the first step on foreign soils, reconditioned in era-specific renditions to justify whatever gratuitous pleasure any dictator’s hands may grapple, any despot may perceive. What has occurred around the world was introduced by the beastly risings of men outside a realm of balanced, shared, respected, collective reasoning. The reasoning, itself, decried as useless, unless lucrative to one, the positioned manifestation of dreadful depravity to destroy protections and peace in transferable settler-colonial cosmopolitans made empires.

Absolute hate is the vernacular of want. The take into rulers’ hands. They’re all in it for the money, for the greed and clearly care less how many of the people are sacrificed to racism, otherism, sexism, ageism, virus, pandemic, to poverty, to assaultive policing, to the police state, to superfluous incarceration, to weaponized righteousness, to guns, to assault rifles, to militia, to privilege, to supremacy, to inequities in health, welfare, to all that is afforded to the abled. Sacrificed to inequities in access to asylum, to freedom, to care, to clean water, air, to healthy lands, to life unimpeded by decree of empire disdain, to genocidal practices, no matter the nomenclature.

It is simple. Have a plan to undo this? Run for office. Know the genius who does? Support their run for office. See someone who can at least dismantle some of the inflammatory behavior of the currents? Vote them in. Collectively, vote them in. Gather the masses through reason, through rationality, through surviving, and make a movement to do better, to take on, to upend the hold from the sculptured base posturing representation of empire as overlord of the world as we know it. It is not, never was. This wholly damaging and desecrating force has had its time and need be replaced. We need a new system and that system need be wholly reliant upon the wisdom of the original caretakers of place and the eons of knowledge of the lands, waters, air and movement of respective currents that dwell within each to move the masses into clarity.

Take it to the mic, to the page, to the music, to the valleys, the mountains, to the waters, to the streets and backroads and within homes and cooperative places to call forth renewal and restoration, protection and preservation, tolerance and acceptance, to build the essential bridges to bring in something far greater than what has been experienced in these lands for hundreds of years.

Defund, defund, defund and take the revenue to generously care for all, here and there, and to restore what is so utterly pained from the never-ending pressures of resourcing for the beast.

Don’t feed it. Defeat it.

Meanwhile, vote.


End note:

Be a hero. Wear a mask and practice hygiene.
It isn’t that difficult to save a lot of lives right now.


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