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Petra Kuppers Recieved Grant for Think Act Tank: Embodiment and Environmental Art Practice

Petra Kuppers, BEI Fellow, just received an additional grant from NCID (National Center for Institutional Diversity) for her project “Think Act Tank: Embodiment and Environmental Art Practice” of $15,000.

“This Think Act Tank lies at the conjunctions of ecopoetics, disability studies, critical race studies, indigenous studies, and environmental studies. We want to learn from each other about disability cultural methods, indigenous art and world making, African-American performance approaches, and more. Together, we want to shape a complex tool-set to approach living in a changing natural world which impacts people differently, dependent on histories of violence and their attendant environmental effects. How do our different thinking and acting methods prepare us for change, and how can we teach about these methods together? In our Think-Act Tank, we want to generate energies toward making public the insights gathered in our disciplines about how to live well in change, stay creative under pressure, and find new balances in human and other-than-human collaborative fields. Our products/outcomes will include public presentations and performances, and publications developed individually and in collaboration.”

This, and the money they already gathered for the Ecopoetics, Speculative Embodiment and Practices of Hope Symposium (Spring 2020), will fund the visitors, grads, tech support, access support, and communal dinners till August 2020. BEI is proud to help support this wonderful project!