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Love Across Time

The Podcast

In our fifth episode of Soundscapes, we present Love Across Time:


In this episode, a lively collection of artists consider love: love for each other, love for places, and love for the hard work of creating the world as it could be. After Sandra Steingraber and Taylor Brorby delve into these questions in a conversation held atop Rachel Caron’s beloved Hawk Mountain, Pepper Trail and Katharine Whitcomb share their poetry with us. We hope you enjoy this episode of Soundscapes.

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Soundscapes is a podcast curated by Miranda Perrone. In keeping with our mission, Soundscapes takes an aural approach to the search for the interface—the integration—among the built and natural environments. Thinking of this liminal zone as the soul of place, Soundscapes seeks to bring you deeper into the souls of our contributors and others passionate about place with the hope of strengthening our communities in all their multifaceted forms.
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