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Pushcart Nominee, “Gimeme’igonaan omaa / This place is our lullaby” by Margaret Noodin

The following poem by Margaret Noodin has received a nomination for the 2020 Pushcart Prize.


Gimeme’igonaan omaa
This place is our lullaby

biidaabang ani bangishimong
sunrise to sunset

gimiwang ani gakijiwang.
rainfall to waterfall.

This place is our warning

zegaanakwak ziibiskendamang
storm clouds and sorrow

manidoog manidoonsikaazowaad.
spirits in the smallest form.

Ginitaawigi’igonaan omaa
This place becomes us

giishkaabaagwed gaawaandag
thirst of the white spruce

ziiga’andaazoyang bingwikaag.
baptism of earth’s ash.

This place remembers us

ishkwaa nishinaadendamang
after we fall apart

and put ourselves back together.