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Day 27

By Ann Fisher-Wirth


I wish you could be here with me


in the cupped hours

between darkness and darkness


where the massive pecan trees

open their nubbins of leaf toward the sky


where a robin hops and bobs through the wild furred daisies

and violets scatter on the scruffy unmown lawn




An anole skitters down the Peace rose dodging the thorns

emerald green

with a throbbing pink dewlap




Bumblebees dive into the yellow snapdragon

and two Carolina wrens zoom past the back porch

where once again they will try to nest




This cup of light holds us

caught between darkness and darkness


though I scrub my hands raw

and lie awake at night full of dread for my children

Ann Fisher-Wirth, Professor in the English Department at University of Mississippi, is the daughter of a career Army officer and an English teacher. Her most recent book, Mississippi, is a beautiful collection of poetry and photography with the acclaimed photographer Maude Schuyler Clay.