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Brenda Peterson’s “Wolf Nation” and Importance of Ecological Balance Highlighted by Winnipeg Free Press

Brenda Peterson, BEI Emeritus Fellow’s recent book, “Wolf Nation” was recently covered in the “Books” section of the Winnipeg Free Press in an article entitled “Predator and Prey: Wolves Crucial to Ecological Balance, author argues.” A key main point brought up that is threatening wolves are lobbyists and hunters, backed by large corporate groups such as the Koch Brothers that seek to eliminate the protection of wolves to increase livestock and game populations. This fact is paralleled with the reality of how beneficial wolves are for ecosystems, controlling deer and elk populations, allowing trees to grow, providing wood for beavers, which enhances the watershed and all that relies on the watershed.

“Wolves nurture the entire ecosystem… if we eradicate them or lower their numbers, the whole system grows impoverished and will collapse.”