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Brenda Peterson, National Geographic Book Talk

BEI Emeritus Fellow Brenda Peterson was recently interviewed by National Geographic in an article entitled “Why We’re So Divided Over Saving Wolves.” The Article highlights Peterson’s upbringing with hunters, and wildlife managers, those typically thought to be more against wolves, and explains how this upbringing shaped her perspective. Peterson calls the issue with wolves as divisive as abortion, and explains the cultural divide between those in the west as a partial answer to this important topic. One other interesting fact is that most wolf advocates today happen to be females, while the congress and president who are damaging them through trying to disband the endangered species act are almost all men.

“They are now discovering that wolf packs are matrilineal. And women like Amaroq Weiss are on the forefront of conversations about wolves. I asked Amaroq, “Why do you think so many women go into wolf recovery and research?” She said, “It takes a pack, and women are really good at cooperating.””