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BEI Scholar Cristina Eisenberg has two new HuffPost articles that could not be more important for carnivore awareness.

The first, “El Lobo’s Uncertain Future,” discusses the trials and tribulations of the Mexican Grey Wolf’s return to the wild.  March 23rd-30th marks the 17th anniversary of their recovery after becoming completely extinct in the wild in 1980.  There are a slew of social-political reasons that show their struggle is no where near over, and Cristina discusses them with poise and urgency.

The second article titled, “An Imperfect Safety Net for Carnivore Conservation,” deals with the issues that arise when a carnivore crosses national borders.  While there are many groups who do activism to keep large carnivores such as the grizzly bear protected equally on both sides of the US and Canadian border, the laws are not perfect and neither are the land management policies or practices.  This creates quite the debacle for the innocent grizzle bear wandering where it feels it is safest to survive, unaware of their own political status or location.