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Annie Finch’s Essay, “Druidic Difference” Posted on Poetry Foundation Website

An Emeritus Fellow, Annie Finch, has had her essay “Druidic Difference” shared on the Poetry Foundation’s Website. “Druidic Difference” explores the feelings and sensations of summer, considering the many riches and treasures the season has to offer. Contemplating how other authors might think of summer, Finch explains how summer allows us to feel free and to make deep and real connections. Finch describes the powerful and strong personality of summer, illustrating the vitality and abundance of the season. She also addresses the idea that summer forces us to question the state of our own lives while further developing our relationships with nature. Additionally, Finch includes her thoughts on the cycle of life and death seen throughout summer. To read her essay, click on this link.

“Wherever we are, let’s open ourselves to the precious gifts of summer, the gifts of self-confrontation and freedom, sensuality and transformation; let’s celebrate summer solstice in full flower, as John Clare says: ‘Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come.’ “