Tom Montgomery Fate Book Signing Event

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Prairie Path Books
255 Town Square
Wheaton, IL, 60189

Meet Literary Local, Tom Montgomery Fate, for a reading, discussion, and signing of his new book, The Long Way Home: Detours and Discoveries. Tom is a professor emeritus at the College of DuPage, where he taught Creative Writing for more than 30 years.  A regular contributor to the Chicago Tribune, he is the author of six creative non-fiction books, including Cabin Fever, a nature memoir, and Steady and Trembling, a spiritual memoir.  In his new book, The Long Way Home: Detours and Discoveries, Fate ventures from his small-town upbringing to vastly different cultures around the globe, where he learns to define “home” not as a physical location, but as a way of belonging. “Migrating birds have an internal compass that allows them to home their way back to their nesting place each spring,” he writes. “For birds, home is both verb and noun—both journey and destination.”