Seamus Cashman

Seamus Cashman has taught in Tanzania in the 1960s, was an editor with Irish University Press, and in 1974 founded Wolfhound Press publishing literary works as well as histories and other topics.  Wolfhound had published over 200 mainly Irish writers with over 600 titles on its list by 2001 when he ceased publishing. Irish Spirit by Patricia Monaghan of Black Earth was launched in that year. He was the first International Fellow the BEI and edited the Peaks and Valleys  issue of About Place Journal. He is being assisted by the Irish Folklore Commission to execute a pilot for his Tanzania folklore project to be based in Likonde in southern Tanzania where he was a teacher in the 60’s. He has 4 books of poetry including Clowns and Acrobats (Wolfhound 2000), That Morning Will Come (Salmon Poetry 2007), and the Sistine Gaze: I Too Begin with Scaffolding (Salmon Poetry 2015) which was lauded by Tom McCarthy as ‘a complex and ambitious book, a major achievement. He has also edited several anthologies and journals.