Cristina Eisenberg

Cristina Eisenberg holds a BFA in Painting and an MA in Conservation Biology and Environmental Writing, and a PhD in Forestry and Wildlife. She has a post doctoral appointment at Oregon State University, where she teaches. She has also been appointed as a Smithsonian Research Fellow and a Boone and Crockett Club Professional Member. As a scientist she studies how wolves affect ecosystems throughout the American West. Her first book, The Wolf’s Tooth: Keystone Predators, Trophic Cascades, and Biodiversity, was published in 2010 by Island Press. Her second book, The Carnivore Way: Coexisting with and Conserving America’s Predators, will be published in May 2014, also by Island Press. She is the nonfiction editor of the literary journal Whitefish Review. Her work has been published in a variety of scientific and literary journals and books.