Aghaghia Rahimzadeh

Aghaghia Rahimzadeh is a two-time Fulbright Fellow with a doctorate in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from UC Berkeley. She has spent the last decade investigating the social implications of climate change in remote mountain communities in Western Himalaya. She is currently a senior research fellow with the American Institute of Indian Studies and is affiliated with the Center for Policy Research, Delhi, and the Ronin Institute. Aghaghia’s current work explores the intersection of climate change, infrastructure development, and tourism to understand how the region confronts these issues on its resource base. In addition to her current work in the Himalayas, Aghaghia has worked with the UN Development Program and the UN Development Fund for Women in Tajikistan, and with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Iran. Her publications have appeared in About Place Journal, World Development Perspectives, Land Use Policy, Conservation and Society, Human Ecology, Newfound, and (forthcoming).