Mary Swander’s “Map of My Kingdom”

Event details

  • Sunday | February 17, 2019
  • 6:00 pm
  • Wy’east Middle School auditorium in Odell, Iowa

Mary Swander’s play Map of My Kingdom to will be at Wy’east Middle School auditorium in Odell. $10 Donation requested.

“Map of My Kingdom,” commissioned by Practical Farmers of Iowa, tackles the critical issue of land transition. In the drama, Angela Martin, an attorney and mediator in land transition disputes, shares stories of how farmers and landowners she has worked with over the years approached their land successions. Some families almost came to blows, struggling to resolve the sale and transfer of their land, and dissolving familial relationships. Others found rational solutions that focused not only on the viability of the family, but also of the land.