Ceasefire and Hostage Exchange Now

There is talk of the possibility of a ceasefire and hostage exchange. The level of violence now is in no way equal, and bombing whole areas of Gaza with possibly 20,000 dead, the vast majority of which are civilians, is genocidal. Yet the brutal violence on Oct 7 cannot be ignored. Dominant elements of the Netanyahu government call for the removal and even the death of all Palestinians. Hamas calls for Jihad and, at times, for the removal and death of Jews. Even a temporary halt in violence gives hope and a small opportunity for other voices, whether near or far, to begin to talk about a path to peace. A path to real peace means other leadership rising from the horrors and genocide to see how both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace, whether in one state or two. Ceasefire now and start the path to peace.
(Photo credit Jewish Voices for Peace)