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  • Yaddo Artist Forums: Fighting Climate Change

    Join Patricia Spears Jones in a discussion about the role of art in transforming the way we view climate change. The climate crisis threatens the...

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  • Terrain.org’s 5th Reading

    On June 28th at 5:00 PM GMT-6, Taylor Brorby, Sandra Steingraber and Tamie Parker Song will be reading as part of Terrain.org‘s Reading Series. The...

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  • May Perpetual Light Shine

    After the Storm May Perpetual Light Shine – Patricia Spears Jones We have encountered storms Perfect in their drench and wreck Each of us bears...

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  • Poetry by Lauren Camp

    Lauren Camp Emptiness Prayer for Agnes Martin Strewn heat lingers on the landscape, doing nothing and fills in the gaps with less and years and...

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  • The Beauty and Strangeness of Bodies

    Petra Kuppers, a poet, disability culture activist, and professor at the University of Michigan participates in an interview where she discusses humans’ relationships with their...

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  • Bringing Back Bison to the Great Plains

    Cristina Eisenberg is an indigenous ecologist who has focused her career on studying bison and wolves. In this article about restoring the Great Plains ecosystem,...

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