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  • Denali Wolf

    End of an Era for Iconic Denali Wolf Pack? by Cristina Eisenberg (Huffington Post)

    Check out this new article written by BEI Scholar Cristina Eisenberg, of the Huffington Post, titled “End of an Era for Iconic Denali Wolf Pack?” In 2012, to learn about carnivore ecology in Alaska and celebrate completing my doctorate, my family and I visited Tom Meier, who led Denali National

  • Seamus Cashman

    Seamus Cashman Reading

    On August 28th, Seamus Cashman will  do a three hour open air public reading in St Stephen’s Green in central Dublin from 1.30-4.30pm, of poetry and prose works by  writers and others represented by memorial busts or with  other connections to Stephen’s Green, including Yeats, Joyce, Thomas Kettle, Rabindranath Tagore, Patrick

  • Ann-Fischer

    Ann Fisher-Wirth Reading

    Ann Fisher-Wirth will be part of The Big Read: Seat in the Shade Poetry Series, in Athens, Georgia, in June.

  • LaurenCamp

    Lauren Camp Interview

    Lauren Camp has a nice interview up at The Strong Letters: and a radio interview at