Black Earth Institute letter of intent for fellowship 2018-2021

Respond in order to each numbered point and lettered subheads listed below, numbering your letter in the same manner, and submit your letter to by April 15. For the subject line you must enter 2018-2021 BEI Fellow Letter Of Intent. This will route your letter to the correct place. The letter, excluding attachments, should not exceed 1500 words.

1) Why do you want to be awarded a fellowship?

2) Indicate your ability to attend the annual BEI retreat, this year Oct 4-7, 2018.

3) Describe how the BEI goals of earth, spirit and society are expressed in your life and how your art addresses these. Be specific how in your life you express, a) spirit, b) healing or protecting the earth and c) society as social justice and then be specific how in your art you express, d) spirit, e) healing or protecting the earth and f) social justice.

4) Give links to or attach examples of your art you wish to highlight as speaking to these goals.

5) Provide a publication type biography, not more than 250 words.

6) Describe your ideas for one potential project, either a single project over the 3 years or the first project of several to last one year. The project may be in various genres or media. Projects should combine your own creative direction with the goals and values of BEI. This description is an initial one and can be developed more at a later stage. Describe how the grant stipend would support this proposed project.

7) a) Describe any role and practice in your communities, institutions, or organizations that highlight your active involvement in promoting art towards the BEI goals or in activities directly around healing the earth or social justice. b) Describe how BEI fellowship would help in this activism.

8) BEI is a community with an active internal and external life. a) Are you willing to identify as a BEI fellow in your bio and website? b) Are you willing to participate several hours each month, for example, to communicating with other fellows and scholars, and the BEI staff, sharing calls for art submissions and providing information about upcoming events, awards and the like? c) Discuss your interest and ability to promote one BEI identified program in your community, institution or organization yearly? Give an idea or example of such a program or panel.