Review the call and the requirements there and listed below.

Familiarize yourself with what the Black Earth Institute stands for and does by reviewing its social media, website or its journal. Particularly, review the items under the About tab. You can also see more on FB and Twitter. Our journal, About Place is edited by our fellows. See the issue editor’s introductions for detailed views of why the theme was chosen and what the issue is advancing. And explore the 2017 fellows and scholars report for what our BEI Fellows have been up to during their tenures.

Check your schedule for attendance for the Oct 4-7 2018 annual retreat at Brigit Rest, Black Earth, Wisconsin. Continue only if you are able to attend. Travel support shall be provided.

Carefully complete the letter of intent addressing all points and sub-points without exception as this will largely determine advancing in the application process. The letter of intent should reflect how both life and your art reflect the values of spirit, earth and society, your initial proposal for a BEI supported project, and agreement to identify and promote BEI attend the annual meeting. The structure and directions of the letter will allow for presentation and evaluation of all these issues.

If the letter of intent is accepted for proceeding to the finalist stage of interview you will be notified and an interview scheduled. This will allow for a fuller discussion benefits and responsibilities of the fellowship and other questions you may have.

Instructions for completing the letter of intent can be found HERE

Letters must be received by April 15.